Even AI couldn’t see this revolutionary new prompt system coming.

You need to explain your inputs and goals very clearly to optimize your AI generated results which can be a burden to learn. Cypien introduces a definitive solution to this problem by using keyword based prompts that are customizable with tags essentially eliminating all probability of misunderstandings while making the content generation process faster.

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Keywords Prompts

creativityProduct: AI Writing Tool
creativityFeature: Keywords as prompts
creativityGoal: Faster content creation

Cypien brings a revolutionary new prompt style to the AI space that makes your content generation process faster and leaves no room for misunderstandings. Using keywords instead of sentences for prompts Cypien can have a deeper understanding of your subject and desired end result. This allows Cypien to recommend titles and ideas that you might’ve never thought of. Keywords define the major bullet points of your AI generated outputs, use them wisely!


creativityFeature: Keywords with tags
creativityTag: Define keyword
creativityGoal: No misunderstandings

Tags are what makes Cypien so special. Tags define how keywords are understood by AI. Languages are complex structures where words can have different meanings (homonyms) or can be vast concepts that need more explaining. Using the power of tags Cypien can understand exactly what you need with a couple of words to give you the optimal output. Some tag examples can be ‘Dog: bark or Tree: bark’ for defining the meaning of a homonym or ‘Company name: Cypien’ for defining a word that doesn’t traditionally exist in the English dictionary or ‘Biology: Artificial Intelligence’ for narrowing down the searches to use of AI in the biology industry. Cypien’s use of tags and keywords offers you room to be free and creative with your prompts.

Keyword Suggestion

creativityTag Suggestion: Using AI
creativityGoal: Better User Experience
creativitySuggestion: Based on Internet Searches

Using Cypien’s keyword and tag based prompt system can be an exciting but unfamiliar experience for newcomers into the AI field or people that are used to the regular sentence based prompt systems. Thankfully Cypien provides you with suggestions any time you enter a keyword without a tag. This helps newcomers ease into the tag system but also helps all users get creative when they aren’t sure how they want to define a keyword. Suggestions are based on how your keyword is used on the internet. Our AI systems are scanning the internet 24/7 to learn more and give better suggestions and outputs for your satisfaction.