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Gain an in-depth insight
of your Customer Feedback

Cypien Sentiment is an emotion analysis tool that can automate the process and provide the information your brand needs to reach its targets. With Cypien Sentiment, you can delve deeper into user interactions to reveal the purpose, emotion, and tone behind them, and you can lift the veil behind customer communication!
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What is Cypien Sentiment?
With Cypien Sentiment, you have the opportunity to gain powerful insights for making data-based business decisions by analyzing the emotions of your customers. Artificial intelligence models are set up specifically for you by training models according to the needs of your brand. Thanks to Cypien Sentiment's 30+ language feature, you can examine customer reviews written in different languages, taking into account different cultural and linguistic nuances.
Cypien Sentiment is designed to work with large data sets and can process large amounts of data quickly. Additionally, you can define not only positive or negative, but also a wide range of emotions including neutral, angry, happy and dozens more.
Cypien Sentiment’in Özellikleri
Features of Cypien Sentiment
Cypien Sentiment is an important tool for an in-depth look at customer feedback.

On-Premise or API Access

Cypien AI's On-Premise option gives businesses full control and customisability of their own systems, allowing them to host Cypien Sentiment in their own data centre or private cloud while maintaining high security standards. This maximises data privacy and security while meeting specific regulatory compliance needs. Alternatively, you can easily integrate Cypien Sentiment into your existing systems with API access. These wide compatibility options enable seamless operation across different software and hardware environments and make your operational processes more efficient by adding Cypien Sentiment to your existing technological infrastructure.


Analysis and Reports

Cypien Sentiment saves you time in organizing and reporting your customer feedback. Data summarized in clear and understandable charts or graphs through your personalized dashboard helps you monitor your business performance and provides important information to shape your future strategies. With the service provided by Cypien Sentiment, you gain the insights needed to increase customer satisfaction, strengthen brand loyalty, and generally improve the success of your business.

Sentiment Analysis in 30+ Languages

Cypien Sentiment has the ability to analyze customer reviews written in more than 30 languages. It can conduct a detailed review, taking into account different cultural and linguistic nuances. This advanced technology, used to understand and evaluate customer feedback, is designed to provide the most accurate information even in a multilingual environment. With its ability to understand the complexity and richness of different languages, it gives you the most accurate results in sentiment analysis.

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